I know some of you who don't know me personally have been wondering what I look like. Here's a pic taken on my last quest...

Now it's your turn: SP-Studio. Hat tip to Andi for the great site!

[Update: There, now I'm right-handed.]


  1. They don't have epees :(
    The saber, however, is present, and moreover, is placed in a proper en guarde.
    I sense some partiality here.

  2. More partiality: the weapons automatically go first to your left hand. Did you notice I didn't notice to switch? Maybe I should do another picture!

  3. Did you notice I didn't notice to switch?
    I did. I thought it agrees well with the notion that it is your own impression of yourself - what you see in a mirror. You see, if this set had more options and details, it could be an interesting experiment to put together such a picture yourself, and then ask a couple of other people to put together a picture of you. (I would definitely be interested in your picture of myself, if you don't mind).


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