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Notes from the Electric Underground: A Mosaic

“For the oral man the literal text contains all possible levels of meaning.” —Marshall McLuhan Follow the further adventures of the dragons on Telegram — join my channel and surf the Light! For Milo’s reading of the Psalms , visit the Church Militant shop . If you haven’t guessed, I’ve been reading a lot of Marshall McLuhan to prepare for our journey into the City of the Dragon. Highly recommended for those who feel like their nerves have been stripped raw by the electric web.

Milo Electric

The poets of the Dragon Common Room have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming up.  In the meantime, we have been training for our next big adventure, a fairy story about alchemy and a dragon to be written in Spenserian stanzas .  Think The Faerie Queene meets Roger Bacon’s New Atlantis .  With spice.  And electricity.  All themes which came together recently when Milo learned to walk barefoot on the grass ... 1 Like Moses in the presence of the Lord,  ex-gay, he shed his shoes on holy ground. He flexed his toes and raised his arms, adored  by minions watching on his Telegram. Electrified by pixels in the cloud the ions of his body shed their charge, and all the negativity around his holy dance was suddenly discharged, while angels watched from heaven, now by joy enlarged. 2 He walked at night while barefoot on the green;  a swish of robe, Bermudas, orange, glowed, and spinning like a runway model seen  on catwalks where designers often show,  he soaked up earth’s electric ion flow.  The ingenue

UATV Subscription 2.0

We have a new and improved subscription portal at !  Vox Day has details on his blog , if you have any questions about how the upgrade is going to work. If you are already a subscriber (and eagerly awaiting the next episode of The Forge of Tolkien ), you will want to update your subscription to support my channel, but as with the original subscription programs, you will get access to all the channels on, whichever content provider you choose to support through your subscription.  The good news is you will be able to see all the episode thumbnails on the platform before logging in, along with blurbs, for all of the channels. Vox and Owen have already been doing livestreams from the platform, which feature should be available soon for the other content providers (including yours truly). The platform now also has the option to stream audio only, as well as to download MP4s and MP3s of your favorite episodes. If you have been a subscriber, we are grateful fo