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Getting Medieval on the Middle Ages

The first episode in my course on medieval history is up at  (History and Logos Channel)! The series will be for subscribers to the channel, but this episode is free to watch. Supporting materials will be posted on Medieval History 101: The Unauthorized Version . Come join me! For my continuing adventures as a conservative in academia, see MedievalGate . For a full list of my video, podcast, and radio appearances, see Bear On Air .

Triple Treat

I have been busy giving talks and doing videos and podcasts these past several weeks! A sampling from Bear On Air. Nostalgia Over the Ages . Missing the Mark with Christopher Lansdown. June 20, 2019. On Milo and Western Civilization . Unsafe Space with Carter and Keri. June 20, 2019. Professing Mary . The Patrick McCormack Show on Relevant Radio. June 22, 2019 ( Segment 1 ,  Segment 2 ). I will also be starting my lectures for  Medieval History 101: The Unauthorized Version   on  this week. Watch this space for details!

Unauthorized Study Guide

Classes starting soon ! I am sure you all want to get started on some reading, right?! No worries, the Unauthorized Professor has put together a study guide with a few links...  About   Why study the Middle Ages?  Great Books Recommended Reading Online Resources The Ivory Tower For my continuing adventures as a conservative in academia, see MedievalGate . Just wait ‘til my colleagues get a load of this course!

Safe Spaces vs. Sacred Spaces and the Purpose of University Education

“Our students are going mad. We’ve brought them into a place where we systematically expose them to the terrors of existence,” so says Prof. Rachel Fulton Brown of the University of Chicago in this public presentation which took place in London, Ontario on May 3rd, 2019 . Prof. Fulton Brown makes the claim that many students do not fully comprehend that the purpose of a University is not to provide a ‘safe space’ for them to hide away from any idea which might make them feel offended but to provide a ‘sacred’ place for them to ponder the more substantive questions in life – a place to answer not just the questions of What and How but the more important question of Why.  — JustRightMedia Bonus : I tell the story of how I met Milo! And I answer some tough questions. Talk based on “ Safe Spaces vs. Sacred Spaces ,” September 29, 2016; and “ A few words of advice to Trigglypuff—and her teachers ,” September 30, 2016. For my continuing adventures as a conservative in