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Lessons from the Dressing Room

I went shopping on Thursday to buy some new summer tops.  I went to the store that I usually go to for such clothing, confident that I would be able to find clothes that fit and looked good on me.  I knew what colors to look for and knew that I would have to spend some time trying things on, as nothing ever looks quite the same on the hanger as it does on.  And yet, even prepared for a long afternoon in the dressing room, it was still painful. Painful, because I had to take my own clothes off in order to try on the new ones, every moment naked a chance to catch a glimpse of myself in the full-length mirrors under fluorescent lights. Painful, because clothes that I had taken from the racks hopeful would look good on me didn't--quite the reverse. Painful, because I had to do this over and over and over again. Until I found a line of tops in colors that looked so good on me, I didn't notice the clothes any more. When I got home, I posted this status on Facebook: "On