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A Connecticut Wizard in King George’s Court

It’s been haunting me. I knew I had read this story before, I just couldn’t put my finger on it... There was another thing that troubled me a little.   Those multitudes presently began to agitate for another miracle.   That was natural. To be able to carry back to their far homes the boast that they had seen the man who could command the sun, riding in the heavens, and be obeyed, would make them great in the eyes of their neighbors, and envied by them all; but to be able to also say they had seen him work a miracle themselves—why, people would come a distance to see them. The pressure got to be pretty strong... Next, Clarence found that old Merlin was making himself busy on the sly among those people.  He was spreading a report that I was a humbug, and that the reason I didn’t accommodate the people with a miracle was because I couldn’t . I saw that I must do something. I presently thought out a plan. By my authority as executive I threw Merlin into prison—the same cell I had occupied

Spice Wars

A meditation on the meaning of Kabul... THEN The Old Silk Road vs. the Empires of the Sea  NOW The New Silk Road vs. the Empires of the Sea Study Guide