Dragon Common Room

Join Fencing Bear and the Dragons in the Dragon Common Room on Telegram to battle for Christendom—with meter and rhyme! Visit Dragons’ Keep for recommended reading. Watch Professor Rachel Fulton Brown at “The Forge of Tolkien” for advanced training in sub-creation. To join our livestream, buy our books, and catch a sneak peek of our current project, visit our website at DragonCommonRoom.com


March 20 Corona Virginis

April 2 “O Fortuna!”

April 5 Corona Wisse

April 21 Lessons from the Zoom Room

May 7 Dragon Common Room

May 12 Channeling Fencing Bear at Prayer

May 14 One COVID to Rule Them All

June 12 A Time to Build

June 23 Statuesque

June 28 Up, drakes! It’s time for tea—and prosody!

July 11 Iambic Pentameters—or Bust!

August 8 Dunciad 2020

November 23 The Great Reset

November 26 Seven Elevens

November 29 Script Wars


January 17 Battery Life

January 22 Tyrian Purple

January 23 “My Apologies, Mr. Shaman” 

February 14 Odes to Me

September 5 Spice Wars

November 24 Milo Electric

December 24 Merry Christmas!

December 28 Mask Addiction


February 23 Pigeon Cloud

August 29 Join the Stream

October 31 Halloween Militant by KC

November 1 The God Above, We Love! by Mel

November 1 Prayer Request

December 5 #Yeetler


May 12 Dracosmos

May 15 Wanna bet?

June 11 Cosmic Egg


  1. Rachel, my heart goes out to you about Joy’s passing. I live in dread of that same occurrence with my own beloved dog, Babette. We can only hope that C.S. Lewis was right: we’ll be reunited with our pets in the next world. Once again, so so sorry.

    1. Thank you, it is very painful to lose them. But it is also a great joy—to have shared our life with them. We will be reunited, I believe it, too.


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