Designing the Dragon Sigil

The Professor gives a brief lesson on designing the Sigil for a key scene in Draco Alchemicus Act I, as a married couple decide which language they will use to navigate their way through a test. Are men and women complete strangers in their own focus, or do the sexes consider the same truth with two different symbolic realities? Can total opposites synchronize without destroying their distinctions?

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The Ark prepares to launch the Dragon Common Room Kickstarter for the upcoming work DRACO ALCHEMICUS. Walking you through the new DCR website, the Professor and her pigeon describe their vision of the Electric Mosaic: DCR's multimedia resurrection of an integrated Medieval sub-creation culture, where the archaic becomes new in our own space and time through Art. You wanna learn to scan? Join the stream! —Streamed May 10, 2023

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