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Bears Abroad! Q&A with Madam Mayo

Madam Mayo invited me to answer a few questions about our poetry over on her blog . I was happy to oblige! C.M. MAYO:   How did you find Handrawnbear? Because, Wow! RACHEL FULTON BROWN:  Handdrawnbear found us! She had been working for several years making drawings and animations at unBearables Media ( ). I was in touch with one of their other creators and asked if there were anyone interested in doing illustrations for our new bear poem. Being a “bear,” she jumped at the chance! She has written on her own blog about how working with us has inspired her to write more Christian poetry ( ). I notice that in her version of the story, I found her. This is a taste of what it was like working on  Aurora Bearialis : it often felt as if the poem were writing itself or that we were discovering it along with the penguins and bears. To this day, I have only a vague me