My University Protects Free Speech. Yours Doesn’t.

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I teach at the University of Chicago. Admit it, you’re jealous. 

Not because the campus is beautiful (it is!) or because it is crawling with Nobel prize winners (ditto, although the economists do keep somewhat to themselves in their beautiful newly renovated building). Not because we ranked number three—along with Yale!—in the U.S. News and World Report for 2018, or because we are still the place where fun comes to die, which should give us points against Yale.
You’re jealous because we have the best university president in the country, who says things like this: It is the obligation of all of us who aspire to true excellence in education and research to forcefully and unequivocally defend an environment of free expression on campuses.And this: To stifle free expression and open discourse and suppress speech that you don’t like is just an invitation for others to do the same. And this: Those who argue for avoiding discomfort, while seemingly seeking to aid students, are…

Our Lady of the Temple

In honor of the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, Dustin Quick had a few questions for me about Our Lady and her place in the Temple Tradition:
Is Catholic Marian theology and piety based on Greco-Roman paganism which smothered and ultimately replaced an otherwise “pure and simple” Jewish-Christian faith?   How can Catholics honour her so much, when she is barely mentioned in the Bible, whereas Christ is saturating every page of the Scriptures?  Who is the Mother of the Lord in the Old Testament? What was her role? What were some of her symbols?  Why do we claim that Catholicism, with its view of Jesus and Mary, is actually more “authentically Jewish”—more faithful to the oldest Temple religion of ancient Israel— than Second Temple and post-Temple Rabbinic Judaism (and “Messianic Judaism”)?  Who is “Lady Wisdom,” and how is She related to Mary? We had quite the conversation! Join us!

Image credit: Margaret Barker, personal communication

Milo Spotting Guide

Just like his fursona Princess Sparkle Claws, Milo is a sexy—and agile—beast. Seasoned watchers know where to find him! For those who would like to observe him in his various habitats, follow the links!
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How to Be Rich

I’m sure you’ve heard by now: Milo is poor. Not poor in the way in which you or I might be poor—merely living paycheck-to-paycheck to pay off our mortgage or monthly credit card bills (if we’re lucky!)—but broke ass bitch poor. Not personally, mind you. But his business is millions of dollars in debt and has been for some time.

There are many reasons Milo, Inc., is in debt, starting with the deliberate sabotage of Free Speech Week back in September 2017 by someone whom Milo had offered to mentor (it’s a theme!) and continuing to this day in the failure of the millions of followers whom he had accumulated on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to figure out where he has gone. (Telegram, bitches! Also Gab, but the real fun is over on Telegram.) Some of it has to do with the failure of his investors to understand the way Milo works. (Yes, he’s “divisive” —are you surprised!?) Some of it has to do with the ongoing efforts by Antifa to terrify any venue that dares book a Milo appearance. (Do …

The Strong, Bright Armour of Obedience

I get it all the time in DMs: “Why does Milo have to be so mean? I agree with him on most of what he says [there is always this qualification—FB], but what he did the other night just seems childish and petty. Don’t you think he should stop?”

Witness, for example, what Milo did the other night to Pawl Bazile, his personal assistant.

Er. Dogsbody. Er. Think Jeeves to Milo’s Bertie, but without the say over Milo’s clothes. Concierge, but with fewer privileges.

Milo had instructed Pawl to pick him up to take him to the hairdresser’s in preparation for the Straight Pride Parade. But Pawl not only went first to the wrong address (the hairdresser’s, rather than Milo’s); he also failed to make the proper appointment, so instead of the dreadlocks that Milo had planned to wear, Milo had (for Milo) only normally beautiful hair. (“You look great, boss!” Pawl assured him.)

That night, Pawl was Milo’s guest on Milo & I (livestream every other Friday with subscription on!), and Mi…

Exposing Howard Zinn’s Fake History of America

Mary Grabar joined me for a conversation about her new book on the way in which Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States has warped Americans’ understanding of our nation’s history.

Mary Grabar is a resident fellow at the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization and the founder of the Dissident Prof Education Project. She taught for twenty years at the college level, and she has written and lectured widely on the problems facing American education.

We talked about the kinds of rhetorical techniques Zinn used to promote his moralizing critique of America from Columbus to the Vietnam War, and how his vision of America as essentially corrupt has been promulgated in our schools.

How did Zinn manage to capture the imagination of so many Americans? How can we counter his Manichaean vision of American history in the classroom and in the culture at large?

Join us!

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Queen Fool

I have been sitting here for over an hour trying to figure out a way to get into this post. I keep changing the title. First it was “Alpha Fool, Omega Lord.” Then it was “Milo From Bottom to Top.” “Queen Fool” captures the essence, but it still does not seem to give me a place to start. I’ve tried reading my Twitter feed and found a few juicy mentions of last week’s post on Milo and the furries. But I just can’t seem to generate the outrage that I need. 

Here, let’s try a few.  Ya’ll my RFB as a controversial writer of Mary/Jesus #dubcon fic who gets in Tumblr fan flame wars over her work just many layers. SO many. One might even say, a whole coat of layers. —@tsmendola, 16 Sep 2019 You are becoming a full blown fag hag in heat —@Mrmikemcneil, 18 Sep 2019 [deleted for violating the Twitter Rules] I read the latest from RFB, also known as MY’s most fervent admirer, and I kept wondering “WTF am I reading?” —@v_mills, 19 Sep 2019 Something? Anything? I really ought to find s…