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“Contraceptives or Abortion--Which Shall It Be?"

Apropos yesterday's Supreme Court opinion : "When society holds up its hands in horror at the 'crime' of abortion, it forgets at whose door the first and principal responsibility for this practice rests.   Does anyone imagine that a woman would submit to abortion if not denied the knowledge of scientific, effective contraceptives?  Does anyone believe that physicians and midwives who perform abortions go from door to door soliciting patronage?  The abortionist could not continue his practice for twenty-four hours if it were not for the fact that women come desperately begging for such operations.  He could not stay out of jail a day if women did not so generally approve of his services as to hold his identity an open but seldom-betrayed secret. "The question, then, is not whether family limitation should be practiced.  It is  being practiced; it has been practiced for ages and it will always be practiced.   The question that society must answer is this: Shall