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Ordinary Time

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” In other words, it was ordinary time! Which means lots of ongoing projects which I would love to tell you about! First—and most important for those of you who follow me only here on the blog, particularly by email—feedburner is discontinuing its email service as of July 2021, which means you are going to need to sign up to follow me on social media if you want nudges about when I have posted on the blog.  Don’t worry! I am easy to find! Amazingly, I am still on Facebook, both under my personal and professional accounts, but I am also out there in the wild on a variety of other platforms, and I promise to let you know when new blog posts go up!  My Facebook Author Page, Twitter, and Gab are best if you just want notices about my blog posts and videos (see below). My Facebook Profile is best for ongoing social, cultural, and political commentary. Telegram is best for those who want to go out on the edge—and write poetry (see below).