The MILO Chronicles

A fool and a teddy bear take on the world. You gotta laugh!


September 29 Safe Spaces vs. Sacred Spaces

September 30 A few words of advice to Trigglypuff—and her teachers

October 29 Free Speech Fundamentals: Milton

November 2 Free Speech Fundamentals: Bills of Rights

November 20 Holy Satire, Breitbart!

November 25 Kung Fu Milo

November 30 An Establishment Conservative’s Guide to Milo’s Method for Winning the Culture Wars

December 22 Social Justice Sophistries


January 4 Free Speech Fundamentals: The Most Dangerous Game

January 5 Why Shaming Works

January 6 Free Speech Fundamentals: Fame

January 16 How to Answer the Offense

January 18 Free Speech Fundamentals: Building a Platform

January 20 Inauguration Day

January 21 Lies of the Left: “White Nationalism”

January 24 Lies of the Left: “Gender Fluidity”

January 30 Free Speech Fundamentals: Locke’s Letter on Toleration

February 1 Why I Love Milo

February 13 Heresies of the Left: Unholy Trinity

February 16 Why Milo Scares Students, and Faculty Even More

February 18 Joking Matters

February 20 “You Schoolgirls!”

February 20 Mother and Son

February 21 Bully Culture

February 21 Jesus, Master Troll

February 22 The Milo Effect

February 23 God’s Fools

February 25 Milo and Me

March 2 Turning the Other Cheek

March 3 Another Fine Fix Bear’s Gotten Herself Into

March 5 Bear’s Two Bodies

March 8 Two Masters Bad

March 10 Twisting the Devil’s Tail

March 17 Seven with One Blow

March 19 Mirror, Mirror

March 26 The Jesus Story

March 28 Free Speech Fundamentals FAIL: J.S. Mill

April 8 The Chicago Way

May 5 Here Be Dragons

May 7 Lord of the Snakes

May 17 “Just call me Medusa”

May 20 Studies “R” Us

May 23 The Unbearable Whiteness of Medieval Studies

May 25 Performing the Logos

May 27 Signed with the Cross

July 5 The Most Dangerous Bear

July 5 Three Kraters Symposium: How I Met Milo

July 8 St. Milo the Dangerous and the Dragon of Chaos

July 10 Fencing Bear’s Day Out With Milo and the Boys

July 16 Talking Symbolism with Jonathan Pageau

July 22 Hate Speech Hocus Pocus

July 23 Queen of Space

September 21 Risus et bellum

September 27 The Power of Prayer

September 30 The Female of the Species

October 1 Consenting Adults

October 7 Sola Scriptura

October 12 Milo in the Dock

November 2 Lies, Damn Lies, and Peer Review

November 4 V. Milo will divide us. R. Thanks be to God.

November 22 #War is Better with Dragons

December 5 Judge MILO

December 24 For the Love of Milo

December 26 He Said, She Said: MILO’s Livelier Style in Review


January 1 The Wrong Joke in the Wrong Place: MILO and M*A*S*H

January 2 The Trickster and the Shadow

January 16 The MILO Show: Left-wingers are more likely to be crazy, Black protest doesn’t work My first appearance on The MILO Show!

January 30 I Spy MILO on Set

February 2 Jordan, Milo, and the Bitch Queen

February 8 Why Feminism is Cancer

February 11 Alma Mater, or Why MILO Sits on a Lion Throne

February 24 Nobody Sees MILO Like RFB

March 24 Thought for the Day: Of Corruption, as it tends to Political Slavery

March 31 The Good Thief

April 7 “You are all beautiful, my love

May 5 What Would Milo Do

June 3 Monkeyshines

June 4 Word on the Tweets

June 6 Through the Twitter Glass

June 8 Maege Mormont and the Threat of Art

June 16 The Face of God

June 17 Milo, the Heathers, and the New Sheriff in Town

June 23 The Brain Game

June 30 “Like Hitler, or Milo Yiannopoulos

July 6 Sir Milo of Locksley

July 29 Adventus

July 29 Galgenhumor

July 31 Middle Rages

August 15 Mysterium tremendum et fascinans

September 10 The Old Voice of Glad and Angry Faith

September 22 Mary and Martha, or What I Did in My Summer Vacation

November 5 An open letter to the faculty advisory board of the NYU student newspaper on the lies told about Milo Yiannopoulos in its reporting

November 7 Lies, Damn Lies, and the Washington Square News’ Use of Evidence

December 26 Credo ut intelligam


January 19 How to Be God-Right

July 2 The Milo Test


August 25 The Game of Moo

August 29 The Art of the Virtuous Troll

September 1 Damnatio ad bestias

September 2 The Churches of Telegram

September 17 Clowns of God

September 22 Queen Fool

September 24 The Strong, Bright Armour of Obedience

September 29 How to Be Rich

September 30 Milo Spotting Guide

October 13 My University Protects Free Speech. Yours Doesn’t.

October 20 MILO, Tolkien, and Why Dan Brown is Rich

October 20 Masks of Meaning

October 27 Wonder Woman, Star Wars and Jesus: The Reality of “Myth”

November 1 The Imitation of MILO

November 4 Abbot Milo’s School for Thots

November 10 A Taxonomy of Taunting

November 30 A Real Tale

December 11 Once Upon a Time in the Chat

December 25 First Day of Xmas

December 26 Second Day of Xmas

December 27 Third Day of Xmas

December 28 Fourth Day of Xmas

December 29 Fifth Day of Xmas

December 30 Sixth Day of Xmas

December 31 Seventh Day of Xmas


January 1 Eighth Day of Xmas

January 2 Ninth Day of Xmas

January 3 Tenth Day of Xmas

January 4 Eleventh Day of Xmas

January 5 Twelfth Day of Xmas

January 11 How Do You Read Milo Chronicles?

January 12 Milo Below 34th Street

January 14 THAT Bitch v Hamplanet of the Week

January 18 One Glance of His Eye

January 20 Judgment Chat

January 25 “Everyone Who Hates Me Is Ugly”

January 28 Cruel Rules

February 1 Our Lady of the Groypers

February 3 “No Girls Allowed”

February 8 A Serpent in the Chat

February 9 A Woman’s Place

February 10 Flight of Love

February 20 The Quest for the Holy Fool

February 28 Dragon Song


July 5 Chronicling “Milo Chronicles”

Milo Chronicles: Devotions 2016-2019 is available in hardcover direct from the publisher at Castalia House or on Amazon

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