Third Day of Xmas

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

three seals of love,

two friends-in-arms,

and a Fencing Bear in a MILO tree.

[Milo Chronicles], long anticipated, is a beacon of light. Written by the esteemed Rachel Fulton Brown, Associate Professor of History at the world-renowned University of Chicago, it sings a song of love, faith, hope and joy. Her lyrical prose invites the reader to enjoy a deep and soulful understanding of one of the most misunderstood public figures of our time. An understanding that only she, knowing and loving Milo as she does, can impart.  
Professor Fulton Brown and Milo Yiannopoulos, dissimilar in many ways, are nevertheless soul-bonded in Christ and in their dedication to the fight for Western Civilization. They are a formidable pair, and we are stronger for their having met and joined forces. 
A real-life Fairy Tale that instructs and edifies, Milo Chronicles serves as an excellent guide to victory in the culture war. It is also, make no mistake, the ultimate love story. A true devotional to a man who has sacrificed nearly everything to give himself to the fight, and stands ever ready for the next battle. Milo receives his full due in this incomparable and exhaustive tome.  
“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” 
While Professor Fulton Brown has not been called upon to lay down her literal life, she has placed her professional life, and much of her personal life, on the altar. In defense of Milo. In defense of Western Civilization. In defense of us all.  
Those who have abandoned and betrayed Milo are legion. They stand rank on shameful rank. At long last, someone has proven their mettle and shown themselves to be worthy. Friend. Advocate. Mentor. Intimate. Holy Fool and Warrior Priestess, these two are well matched.  
We are fortunate to have this brave woman, as courageous as she is wise, mentoring our best and brightest warrior, and leading the next generation into the Culture War.  
This is their story. And it is not to be missed.  
Risus et bellum. Laughter and War.
—AT, “A Fool and His Teacher,” December 3, 2019, Amazon 5-star review

My Milo Chronicles and Milo’s How to Be Poor are both on sale now through Amazon or direct from the publisher at Castalia House.

Fencing Bear and I joined Milo on Friday Night’s All Right to talk about how we survived the SJW attacks with laughter and joy! Watch at or on Milo’s YouTube channel!

For our continuing adventures together, see the Milo Chronicles.


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