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Make Culture Christian Again

Everyone agrees. The West has a problem. For good or for ill, what we used to call “Western civilization” is crumbling. The monuments of its past are being pulled down. Its heroes are being wiped from the public memory. Efforts at stemming the loss are vilified as “racist” and “white supremacist.” Nobody in polite society wants to be associated with its institutions and ideals anymore. Particularly not with Christianity. Even in so-called conservative circles, to call oneself “Christian”—as opposed to “Judeo-Christian”—is something of a faux pas . A bit gauche. Definitely lowbrow. Not particularly intellectual. Certainly not something a rational thinker would wholeheartedly embrace. Well, perhaps it is okay to be Christian in the circles I frequent online, but then I have never been invited to the right cocktail parties. Not that I would have any idea how to behave. Then again, as they say, turnabout is fair play. I’m a Christian, and Christianity has always been a bit embarras

The Milo Test

My colleagues in academia must be so jealous of me. I am friends with the most fabulous faggot on the planet. You don’t believe me? Look, it says so, right here in The Chronicle of Higher Education ! Sorry, paywall. Let me quote the relevant passage for you (click on images to enlarge): I like “cheeky paean” as an epithet for “ Three Cheers for White Men .” And “journalist-turned-troll-turned-pariah” is amazingly mild as a description of Milo. But my favorite line has got to be this one: There’s enough of a mind-meld between the unlikely pair that some scholars suspect that Brown was essentially the co-author of Yiannopoulos’s thesis-length investigation/diatribe . In an email, Brown denied any ghostwriting: “Milo wrote it. He interviewed me. He is a talented journalist who knows his craft.” Have you ever read anything hotter ? I have a “mind-meld” with Milo?! I think I may need to lie down for a little bit. It’s true, Milo and I have been in correspondence for al