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Prayer Request

Prayers for my little black cat Sophie as she makes her way across the great river. She has been hanging on valiantly for over a week, clearly not wanting to leave. Her passing is making me thoughtful about how we rush death. She is 18, long-lived for a house kitty. My dad gave her to me, when his farm cat had kittens. She has been with us since a year before he died, much too quickly, of a blood clot. He died very quickly, so quickly I wasn’t there for him. She is teaching me patience as I sit with her now. I keep looking at her and thinking, “Should I do something?” But she has water, and a bed. What would a doctor do? Pump her full of drugs and turn her into a Frankenstein kitty to be kept alive a few weeks longer? Or tell me to put her out of her misery (aka kill her)? She doesn’t seem ready to go yet. And yet she is clearly dying. I am thinking maybe the worst thing about the vaxx is how it is making people die suddenly. Taking their last moments away in a heartbeat. When my cat h

The God Above, We Love!

By Mel of the Dragon Common Room Do not buy Satan’s greatest trick that Christians can’t be Catholic. Holy dead will rise! Open your own eyes! Divided families remain sick.  The battle to keep chastity— a true struggle of vanity. Humiliation,  mortification  teaching us through the Trinity!  Most people He will require purification by fire. Holy repentance, heavenly entrance permits a righteous retire.  Her greetings hailed by an angel! Her answer fiat – miracle! Conceived Holy Ghost, seek higher than most! Mary is his Tabernacle!  Nothing is impossible with God; through the darkness His light will prod! This is not pagan; don’t be mistaken! Understand, and don’t be a fraud!  Try not to rewrite history misunderstanding mysteries!   Buried in our graves we’re no longer slaves: traditions of our Rosary!  What were the pagan rituals? NOT scruples, those aren’t mutual. Animal slaughters? Sacrificed daughters? Temple worship? Procedurals?  There’s an obvious difference  exuding their bellig