The God Above, We Love!

By Mel of the Dragon Common Room

Do not buy Satan’s greatest trick
that Christians can’t be Catholic.
Holy dead will rise!
Open your own eyes!
Divided families remain sick. 

The battle to keep chastity—
a true struggle of vanity.
teaching us through the Trinity! 

Most people He will require
purification by fire.
Holy repentance,
heavenly entrance
permits a righteous retire. 

Her greetings hailed by an angel!
Her answer fiat – miracle!
Conceived Holy Ghost,
seek higher than most!
Mary is his Tabernacle! 

Nothing is impossible with God;
through the darkness His light will prod!
This is not pagan;
don’t be mistaken!
Understand, and don’t be a fraud! 

Try not to rewrite history
misunderstanding mysteries!  
Buried in our graves
we’re no longer slaves:
traditions of our Rosary! 

What were the pagan rituals?
NOT scruples, those aren’t mutual.
Animal slaughters?
Sacrificed daughters?
Temple worship? Procedurals? 

There’s an obvious difference 
exuding their belligerence. 
Accusing brothers,
honoring Mother—
they misunderstand their offense. 

The science–is–knowledge–outfits
proclaimed creed by modern prophets
is exemplary 
(not Virgin Mary!)
of those heathen demonic fits. 

So now who is more possessed?
It is really not a contest! 
The many nations
are confirmation—
free will is an eternal quest! 

Go encourage one another!
And fear not Jesus’ mother!
Gifts and graces,
their Holy faces
will help you love all clans, brother!

One body in the God we love: 
the almighty bright one above! 
This is evidence
of His existence!
The word delivered by a dove!

Our poets have been training hard in rhyme and meter a new epic to deliver! 
Visit our website at for updates!


  1. Rachel, for a moment I thought this might be you.

    Sounds like back in my day when young women went to college to get a teaching degree, a nursing degree or an Mrs. degree.


  2. Rachel, once again an article appears that would be right in your wheel house. From Romania of all places!,back%20to%20as%20early%20as%20the%209th%20century.


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