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Join the Stream

“Where shall I begin?” Asked the White Rabbit. “Begin at the beginning,” said the King, gravely. “And go on until you come to the end; then stop.” At which the White Rabbit read a poem. My friend Kilts Khalfan and I have a new livestream. Kilts and I have been friends for just over three years now. We have never met in person, only via the Internet.  She lives in Australia. I live in Chicago. She lives in the future, I live on Central Time. Our livestreams happen Wednesdays at 9pmCT, when she is in the future on Thursday at noon. This is important information, if you want to join the stream.  “Learn to scan!” You may recognize her name, if you have been reading our poetry . Kilts is one of the O.G. drakes of the Dragon Common Room, where we have been honing our skills in iambic pentameter over the past two years . To date, we have published two books — Centrism Games  and Aurora Bearialis —both in iambic pentameter, the former in heroic couplets, the latter in ottava rima.  We would