The Lady and the Logos

My journey as a servant of Wisdom, making the Mother of the Lord visible to the world


September 27 Sister Mary, the Devil, and Me


January 15 My WHY, HOW, WHAT

February 2 That Old Time Religion

February 6 Between the Baskets, Mary and Me

October 5 Onze Lieve Vrouw

October 5 Our Lady, the Ark of the Covenant

October 6 Birds of the Word

November 17 “I will be a wall for them”


January 13 How to Spot a Heretic

January 24 Lies of the Left: “Gender Fluidity”

January 27 God’s Vagina

February 10 The Church of the Left

February 13 Heresies of the Left: Unholy Trinity

March 8 Two Masters Bad

March 12 “Trust in Me”

March 23 The Fear of the LORD

March 26 The Jesus Story

April 5 “Jesus Wept”

April 16 The Lady and the Dragon

Self-Authoring: Faults 

May 5 Here Be Dragons

May 7 Lord of the Snakes

May 9 Making Mary Visible

May 12 Lady Wisdom’s School for Snake Lords

May 16 Dangerous

May 17 “Just call me Medusa”

May 25 Performing the Logos

May 27 Signed with the Cross

Self-Authoring: Virtues

June 16 Self-Authoring: Meta-Tale

June 16 Why I Study Mary

July 8 St. Milo the Dangerous and the Dragon of Chaos

July 16 Talking Symbolism with Jonathan Pageau

August 3 Getting Medieval on Postmodernism

August 4 “Piss Christ” and Son of Allah

August 7 Lobstercide: A Comic

September 23 The Virgin in the Sun

November 12 Coming Soon!

November 12 Would you like to learn to pray like a medieval Christian?

November 14 Five Reasons My Book Rocks

November 14 Chapter-by-Chapter Sneak Peak

November 25 The Page 99 Test

November 28 “Imagine the scene, if you will”


January 2 The Trickster and the Shadow

January 6 Angels, Demons, Heaven, and Hell: On Christian “Mythology” and the Spiritual Life

January 23 A Cheek for a Cheek

January 29 Why Jordan Peterson Lost that Bout to Cathy Newman

February 2 Jordan, Milo, and the Bitch Queen

February 3 Your Mother Wants You Home, Jordan, and She Wants You Mighty Bad

February 6 What Women Want

February 8 Why Feminism is Cancer

February 11 Alma Mater, or Why MILO Sits on a Lion Throne

February 13 Who Wants to Be a Heretic?

February 15 Our Lady and the Old Infant

February 16 What I Learned Writing About Jordan Peterson

February 18 Who Wants to Be (Most Like) Christ?

February 19 Three Kraters for Jordan Peterson

February 22 Jordan of the Internet v. Cathy of Television Guest blogger Josh Arguien has a theory about that!

March 25 Lady Day Invitatory

April 7 “You are all beautiful, my love”

May 1 Training the Soul in Virtue: Lessons from the West

May 25 Hot Flashes

June 8 Maege Mormont and the Threat of Art

June 16 The Face of God

June 30 “Like Hitler, or Milo Yiannopoulos

July 5 If Professor Jordan B. Peterson said he believed in God, would you?

September 8 “Get thee to a library!

November 24 “Satan, be gone!”

December 26 Credo ut intelligam


January 17 The Letter Killeth, but YouTube Gives Life

January 19 How to Be God-Right

January 20 Living with Heat

January 30 The Sworn Book of Professor Peterson

March 10 A Theory of Virtue

March 15 The 14 Words

April 12 De historia Christiana

April 17 Fire in the Cathedral

April 19 The Miracle of the Rose

April 19 “Behold thy mother”

April 21 The God-Ridden Bigotry of the Globalist Monomyth

April 27 Driving Home the Faith with Mary



January 14 THAT Bitch v Hamplanet of the Week

March 20 Corona Virginis

April 5 Corona Wisse

April 21 Lessons from the Zoom Room

May 7 Dragon Common Room

May 12 Channeling Fencing Bear at Prayer

June 12 A Time to Build

June 28 Up, drakes! It’s time for tea—and prosody!


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