Channeling Fencing Bear at Prayer

Come join Fencing Bear and friends over on Telegram, where the dragons keep their memes—and poetry! We have had quite the opening week! As of this evening, I had 183 subscribers to the channel and 82 members in the chat. Not bad for a bear who didn’t know how to train her Group Guardian bot a week ago!

Mornings I post links to Mass live-streamed from St. John Cantius in Chicago, followed by a stanza from “Dragon Song” for the chat to discuss. (We are on stanza 8; things are heating up as the dragons take wing!) Over the course of the day, I share articles, images, occasional thoughts, Ankerstein builds, stickers, and videos—content you won’t get on my Facebook or Twitter. If I get my courage up, I might even start sharing some of my fiddle tunes. Okay, maybe not—it depends on how much you beg! But Telegram also supports voice and video messages, so you never know!

Links from my channel will guide you elsewhere in Telegram to channels with memes, photos of architecture, political commentators, and of course Milo’s channel. (MEAN GIRLS ONLY!) You can also take side trips to other chats where friends share music videos, recommend books, and talk about cows. It takes a bit of getting used to if you are not familiar with the platform, but once you find your feet—a.k.a. subscribe to enough channels—you will find it hard to leave. (You have been warned! More addictive than Angry Birds! Dragons! Memes!)

Not sure yet whether you want to brave the wilderness that is Telegram? Check out these testimonials for Fencing Bear!
I originally found Milo Yiannopoulos while watching the University of Amherst lecture “The Triggering.” I had watched Steven Crowder and knew of Christina Hoff Summers, but had no idea who Milo was. I was fascinated; he was brilliant and sent one unfortunate individual into apoplexy—and an unfortunate nickname (“Trigglypuff”). I found RFB when I noticed a response Milo wrote to a piece of hers called “Three Cheers for White Men.” I started to stalk her on Facebook and got up the nerve to ask to become friends, or as she put it, to join her salon. This intrigued me, and I soon realized that most of the folks there were scholars or students. I was intimidated at first, but continued to engage folks there and to listen to and read both she and Milo’s things. The posts and conversations were lively, and no one was afraid to express themselves. There was plenty of “give and take.” I began to read articles that were posted and a whole new world opened to people who actually did thoughtful writing on today’s current events. It awakened a part of my brain that I had not used as much since college. So glad both their influences in my life. When Facebook began to censor conservatives and their platforms Rachel moved to Telegram. I have joined her there and it is such an improvement. If you want lively conversations and insightful learning and humor and memes and dragons, this is the place to be. —Quad Doggo
Its insightful and enchanting headmaster Fencing Bear always has that class’s full attention with her interesting and topical takes on religion and life; like a sweet wine or a block of chocolate, she’ll leave you wanting more. —Based Bruce
This chat is the best because RFB will answer any question you could ever have about anything; just ask her anything, and she will be here to answer it.* Come ask her questions. —Matt McNasty
The Dragon Common Room is the sort of place I’ve longed to be a part of. Part school, part monastery, part playground, part storybook, it is a place where I and others are free to enjoy the presence of God and to express that joy in humor, poetry, art, contemplation, all manner of things. I am a part of a true organism. Even when I am silent. For example, it is not atypical to find my heart caught up in the back and forth exchange of others as they wrestle with a bit of poetry, as if they were poetry themselves. Yet, the Dragon Common Room is entirely a creature of the Gospel and of grace, where all these things are the product of simple Christians and genuine seekers, myself included. We have some teachers and highly learned individuals among us, most especially our ‘Mother.’ Nevertheless, they are a source of grace to me, to us. Their knowledge flows from them graciously and contributes to the whole body like milk. I am tremendously excited for the future of this group and can't wait to see where God leads us. May the Lord bless us, always!  —La Elfie Loving Dragons 
If you’re weary of the same old political debates, try something new! Venture into the Dragon Common Room and help analyze a poem, share some music you like, discuss Christianity, Tolkien, art, philosophy or politics. —Arwen “Boomer” Yiannopoulos






Come, join the dragons! 

Fencing Bear salutes!  


For my adventures in Milo’s chat, see The MILO Chronicles: Telegram Diaries (August 2019-present). For more on the Lady’s dragons, see The Lady and the Logos.

*Um... I will answer the ones I can!


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