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RFB Meets EMJ and OBS

For everyone who has been enjoying my Tolkien videos over on, have I got a triple treat for you! For those who have not yet subscribed—now’s your chance! Last month, I traveled to South Bend, Indiana, to meet with the real Dr. Jones. If you think it was dangerous for me talking with Milo about Christianity, just wait till you hear what E. Michael Jones had to say about Logos, Whig history, and usury! And last Wednesday, I got to meet the Big Bear himself! You may know Owen from his stand-up comedy or from his recent battle with Patreon. He wanted to talk with me about Tolkien, but he is also friends with Dr. Jones, so there was lots of Logos in this interview, too. Fencing Bear salutes! All three videos are available now on My two episodes with Dr. Jones are on the Medieval History Channel, and my interview with Owen Benjamin is on his livestreams.  1. Why Logos Matters, RFB with EMJ Professor Rachel Fulton Brown sits down with Dr. E. Michael Jones to