How Do You Read Milo Chronicles?

Beautifully written, beautiful exterior and a dedicated and engaging account of the rise and importance of the fiery cultural hero that is MILO. Highly recommended for all Milo fans and celebrators of Western culture. An essential story of why it's important that we fight for the values that make the West the best.
—Pádraig, “Dedicated chronicle of the rise of a fascinating and essential cultural hero,” Amazon 5-star review, December 3, 2019 
Beautifully written story of an unlikely friendship between University of Chicago professor Rachel Fulton Brown and conservative firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos. Both were unfairly targeted by social justice warriors and almost lost their careers for speaking their truths. They used their friendship and strong belief in their Catholic faith to overcome it all. The best way to fight back is with laughter and joy. Very insightful.
—Cee C, “Beautifully written,” Amazon 5-star review, December 9, 2019
This book provides a fascinating glimpse inside the life of an elite historian, the University of Chicago medievalist Rachel Fulton Brown, and her struggles as a conservative in academia. Her embrace of Christianity and her praise of Western Civilization ultimately aligned her, in many ways, with Milo Yiannopoulos, a pairing that not many people would have anticipated before they befriended each other. This book provides an overview of their friendship and the issues that led to it, as well as a detailed account of the often vicious attacks Rachel endured from progressive academics as a result of it.
—Micisa, “A Christian academic states her case,” Amazon 5-star review, December 24, 2019 
SJWs are as dour and serious as much as they are misguided. Compare Milo, who blends truth and humor to the point the two are hardly distinguishable. Consider his one word definition of feminism. Rachel Fulton Brown shows in the Milo Chronicles that error and dourness are as natural a pair as truth and laughter.
—O. Thursday, “Truth and Jokes,” Amazon 5-star review, December 29, 2019
All great cultures have their heroes — distinguished by unparalleled beauty and a fatal flaw. Each hero imparts wisdom and teaches a valuable lesson through their own personal journey. Milo Yiannopoulos is that hero and the Milo Chronicles is his journey. Milo Chronicles is true Greek drama full of tragedy, comedy, the requisite fall from grace, redemption, and the final ascension to a higher plane of existence. This book tells the story of a hero’s life, the personal challenges to overcome and the difficult path with no shortcuts that must be taken in order to ascend, lighting the way for others. Milo leads us through a cultural movement with humor and passion and with the betterment of humankind as the ultimate goal. Love him or fear him, Milo Yiannopoulos, through the words of Dr. Rachel Fulton Brown, has a story worth knowing. Milo is a hero for our times.
—Danielle Gaines, “A Hero for Our Times,” Amazon 5-star review, December 4, 2019 
Now this is interesting. A new book on Milo Yiannopolous by my Chicago Uni friend, Prof Rachel Fulton Brown, who was just in Australia & delivered an excellent talk on great books of the medieval period. I have not read this new book yet, but have read most / of the blog posts it’s based on. They’re an interesting take on an increasingly fascinating phenomenon — the inverting of the traditional paradigm of the prudish Right versus the subversive Left. Now, it’s increasingly the subversive Right v Loony Left scolds — much to the / distress of many of us from traditional Left parties like the Australian Labor Party, USA Democrats, etc. When people look back on this period in 100 years, you can only wonder what they’ll make of much of the unhinged nonsense the Loony Left are dragging us into. / Anyway, these Milo Chronicles will probably be one text future historians consult as they try to make sense of this increasingly ridiculous period. Subvert the dominant paradigm - unfortunately, at present, it’s increasingly the Right doing the best stuff in that respect.
—John Moran @prefpub1, Twitter, September 14, 2019 
OH MY GOODNESS. I will ABSOLUTELY be picking up The Milo Chronicles by @RFultonBrown. (Maybe my husband will give it to me for Christmas.) 👀🙏
—Amber Dudevoir @ aeswins, Twitter, November 29, 2019

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