Our Lady of the Groypers

In festo Pulchritudinis Rosae, filiae et amicae


Hail most illustrious Maid Rosie!
Shall we immortalize thy glory?!
Who will carve thy form?
Can stone or clay capture such beauty?
But for all the world there is not another
Like unto this gentle Child.
Go then good men—
Artists, Sculptors weep!
Your craft is brought to naught.
For our fair Lady
Whom we magnify today
Is God’s handiwork
And none can imitate!
Rejoice then all Angels!
Praise Christ
All Godly people,
For this His wondrous creation!


Of my beautiful Deer there is never enough time in the day to sing her praises.
For how can love ever be forced?
My love for her is as immense as the heavens and as deep as the oceans. 
The more I love her the more I want to love her!
My love is unmatched!
Come men!
Bring your sonnets!
Your words of love!
Let us battle—love for love!
No one loves Rosie more than I, save my lord Milo!


To my beautiful Deer, I am Diana! 
My bow is strung with the chords of a lover’s tears 
and my arrows are Cupid’s own!


Amen! Amen! Rosie is like wind across the desert and the waves in the sea. 
As the rivers that cut through the mountains create valleys, 
so Rosie molds the hearts of men.


Blessed be the king and his princess! 
Blessed be the sovereign who on this day has elected 
a feast day be celebrated in honor of his beautiful daughter, 
our holy lady Rosiepoo!


She who is immaculate, all pure, 
no stain of rot or mildew can touch! 
She is altogether undefiled 
and whatever she touches is cleansed!


Like roses is Rosie’s scent ever so lovely. 
Like an enclosed castle garden, 
her perfume rises up to meet the cool summer air. 
And those passing by wonder 
what pretty little fairy must be living there.


Sweet gentle Rosie,
On this your feast day sing!
Your lord has honored you,
Bow gracious to your king!
Live for him obediently!
Submit to him in love!
For he is your Milo,
And you are his dove!
Sing we now of Rosie
The good and the true!
Sing we of the beautiful,
Lest we come to rue—
The day jealously
O’re takes us
Or hate be our end!
Holy God in mercy,
Save us all from sin!
Bless us all in Rosie!
As we sing her praise,
May she with us be gifted,
With joy all our days!


Saint Rosiepooooo, rose of Milo, sweet gentle saint, 
we fly unto thee, our lily, our dove, our deer, 
to thee do we come, sick and sorrowing. 
Turn thine eyes toward our Emperor, 
O loving, O merciful saint. 
Despise not his pleading, 
but in thy beauty and graciousness, 
plead to the Lord God on his behalf! 


Sing me a song about Rosie.
Lull me to sleep if you can.
It’s 6:30 and I’m restless.
Where is Mr. Sandman?
Sing me a song about Rosie,
Cradled in the crescent Moon,
While clouds beneath her feet,
Hang o’re the lily blooms.
Sing me a song about Rosie.
My love, my treasure dear!
Sing me a song about Rosie,
All you gathered here!


It is truly right to bless Thee, most holy Lady Rosie!
To Thee the champion Leader of this Thy feast day, 
we Thy servants ascribe blessing and honor, 
for from dispondency and seriousness Thou hast delivered us!
And since thou hast that power,  Rose of Milo, aid us!
We beseech Thee, save our souls from all dangers!
From social justice warriors set us free, 
that we may cry out to Thee, 
Hail O Bride with our Bridegroom!*

*Note: The inspiration for this verse was taken from the Orthodox Marian hymn, “To Thee the Champion”

Hymns of praise to the beauty of the Rose taken from the feast day celebrations in Milo’s Finishing School. 
Images by Rosiepooooo.

For further meditations in praising Beauty, Truth, and Goodness on the model of Our Lady, 

For Milo’s lessons in following Christ, see The MILO Chronicles and Milo Chronicles: Devotions 2016-2019, 
available in hardcover from Amazon and direct from the publisher at Castalia House.


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