The Great Reset

It all started with a bat.

Bats fly about at night. I’m sure you’ve seen them in Halloween decorations, flying across the Moon. 

Once upon a time, people knew to be wary of the Moon, with its 28-day cycle (according to NASA, 27-days) and its affinity for the feminine.

Back in the Middle Ages, before Copernicus used his number magic to prove that the Earth revolves around the Sun, people understood that the sublunary sphere—that is, the Earth with its atmosphere—was a place of transience and change.

People were wary of the Moon with its reflected light and its dark splotches. Were they shadows? Were they seas?

People knew to pay attention to the Moon—and not just on Halloween.

Moon magic—or so they knew, back in the Dark Ages—is dangerous. Moon magic drives men mad.

Moon magic makes people put on masks and hide from the sun.

Moon magic turns living souls into ghosts.


I went grocery shopping with my brother the other day. We are in Texas, staying with our mother, praying for our stepfather who has been in the hospital now for the past twelve days. (No, not with COVID. There are still other ways to fall sick and die, although you wouldn’t know it from watching the news.)

There was a sign in the store that said masks were required—with certain exceptions. Most people, but not everyone was wearing a mask.

My brother and I walked in maskless.

And nobody said a word. Not the other shoppers. Not the clerk who answered my question about the video recording at the self-checkout. One woman turned away from us as we walked past her down the aisle, drawing her shirt collar over her face, but otherwise only those few shoppers without masks seemed to see us. 

It was a shop full of ghosts. Faceless. Voiceless. No longer human beings.


I have spent the past nine months like everyone else, in lockdown, rarely venturing out except to walk my dog. I taught my Spring course online in April and May, and I started making videos for my new series on Unauthorized in July. I made a trip in June to talk about statues with Milo and a trip in August to talk about Logos with E. Michael Jones. But for the most part I have been living at home, watching Mass on my iPhone in the mornings, building with blocks, writing poetry with my Telegram chat, and watching the world go insane.

Did I mention my dog died a month ago? She was my Joy.


My heart hurts just typing this. My dog died, drained of blood by the Moon.

The vets did their best. They spoke spells over her, named her illness in Greek (“pancytopenia”), filled her with another dog’s blood, sent me home with potions and pills to shove down her throat.

But the witches had got to her. They sucked out her blood.

She died “in her sleep,” potion-induced, as I sat next to her, singing to her about God.

“Let all things now living a song of thanksgiving to God our Creator triumphantly raise, who fashioned and made us, protected and stayed us, who guideth us on to the end of our days.”


I spent the last weeks I had with her keeping candles lit at night and listening to Owen Benjamin, aka my fellow “Bear” at Unauthorized, playing the piano and talking about how we never went to the Moon.

Could it be that NASA deceived us? My brother tells me he has wondered about this “fact” his whole life, ever since we visited the National Air and Space Museum back in 1976, when our mother was studying radiology in Washington, DC, and we were there staying in her aunt’s friend’s apartment at the Watergate.

How, he wondered, looking at the lunar module in the diorama, could something that fragile have ever been packed into a rocket and shot to the Moon?

Lies, damn lies, and stories from NASA about how the astronauts were able to transmit film from the Moon into the television sets that my parents were watching when my brother was newborn and I was four years old.

The Moon magic isn’t working any more.

The Bears are coming out at night, and they see through the lies.


Nine months, two super moons, and one blue moon (Halloween) ago, I had a healthy dog, was preparing to teach Tolkien on campus and then in videos for Unauthorized, and no Telegram chat because I was still a member of Milo’s.

Now I have my own chat and no dog, but I have been a guest on Owen’s livestream, and I understand far more than I did in March about how quickly narratives can change.

Back in September 2016, I began writing about Milo and his courage in standing up to the scolds and bullies on college campuses who were calling for safe spaces and trigger warnings for words.

Now, almost every campus is closed with only limited physical contact with students, and every student and professor is wearing a mask.

Thanks to a bat.

And if you believe that, I have news for you even stranger than whether we went to the Moon.

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Prairie Fire’s Lily of My Valley 
November 8, 2009-October 27, 2020 
Photo taken October 21, 2020


  1. I am sorry to hear about your dog. Regarding the lunar landings, I have always been sceptical of the sceptics, since the Russians (and others) were watching very closely. I doubt they would have let us get away with it if the landings were faked.

    1. Unless they were in on it! 2020 vision is something else!

      Thank you, I miss my dog so much. This was a hard post to write.

  2. Ah, I had not thought of that! 2020 vision indeed!

  3. Roverandum, by Tolkien, is a nice story about dogs, wizards and the moon. I read it with my daughter moons ago, and it still brings joy.

    1. I should do a Roverandom episode in honor of Joy!

  4. I am very sorry to hear of Joy’s passing. It is so hard to lose a faithful friend. May her memory be a blessing.

    1. Thank you. She was my joy. It is hard to miss her.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your beautiful dog. Please mind yourself.

  6. Why are you conservatives so proud of going without a mask? It's not exactly the same bravery as standing in front of a tank in Tienanmen square. And given the number of prominent GOP politicians who have got COVID, compared to the number of Democrats, it's clearly a stupid thing to do. Believe me, I'm glad when people I disdain get sick or die. But I'd think you'd care, of course not about others, but about yourselves.

    1. Because they do nothing. It's an elaborate form of virtue signalling and social/mind control. And all for a virus that has an IFR in the same range as flu (and of those who die, most are the very aged and/or those with multiple co-morbdities who would be at risk even from a normal flu or serious cold. The median age for Covid deaths in Britain is actually higher than the general life expectancy!).

      There is not one shred of credible scientific evidence to support generalized public mask wearing by asymptomatic people as a way to prevent the spread of viruses. CDC and WHO only recently changed their recommendations after they were pressured politically, not because of any new evidence supporting it. Every mask study ever done came to the same conclusions as their previous recommendations against it, as does the the only control group study done since Covid started (The recently published Danish mask study), which demonstrates that there is no benefit to wearing masks (in fact the subgroup within the test group of that study that had the highest rate of infection was those who reported being most diligent about wearing the mask exactly as they were instructed! And that study was done with n95 masks - the cloth masks most people use are even more worthless). Comparative analysis of locations that have had strict mask and lockdown rules with those that haven't or have already lifted them months ago, show no discernible difference in the progress of the virus (in fact the latter are usually better - witness Sweden and Florida and compared to comparable places in Europe and US).

      Wake up. Stop imbibing paranoid propaganda and living in fear.

    2. Tian-We haven't heard about Democrats with COVID probably because the news agencies "work" for them. No reports, no Democrats with COVID.

      Also-each time COVID numbers increase, track the timeline back to when and where the "peaceful protests" were. Confusing timelines? That's because these "peaceful protestors" move from city to city, state to state.

  7. Sorry to hear of your loss. Nothing can fill the space left by a dog.
    Thank you for your content on UATV. The Tolkien chapters are magical and the Medieval History series is densely packed with things I never knew about our culture. Together they have given me a way to quantify the gifts the West has given the world and to be able to express it.
    God bless.
    From Brisbane, Australia.

    1. I am so happy to hear you have been enjoying my videos! Thank you for your kind words about my Joy. God bless!

  8. I am so sorry about the loss of your beautiful Joy. It is a sucker punch to the heart when we lose a BFF (Best Furry Friend).
    I never considered the fact that the broadcast from the moon landing crew was as clear as it was-especially for back in 1969! Curiouser and curiouser!
    The Moon is the greatest illusion creator ever! Shadows become real, landscapes seem to change with every blink of the eye, and everything looks deceptively sublime. It's no wonder we all become a little looney once a month! Although it seems to be a permanent daytime (escalating at nighttime) affliction within our country right now. A moonshine induced gaslighting!
    The Anker (Anchor) blocks look so cool! If I get Christmas money this year, I know what I'm getting!
    Take care, much love~Lisa

    1. Curiouser and curiouser, indeed! I hope you get the blocks—check out the links in my “Time to Build” post for resources!

      Yeah, that sucker punch goes right to the gut, doesn't it? BFF, my Joy.


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