Kickstarter Exclusive!

The Dragon Common Room is excited to announce our first Kickstarter! We wanted you to be one of the first to know about our formal launch on May 22, as we have exclusive rewards that only the top backers will be able to share. We are grateful, of course, for whatever level of support you are able to give, but as one of the early readers of our work, we are hoping you are as excited as we are about our new fairytale!

DRACO ALCHEMICUS is an invitation to enter the myth and join the battle against the Alchemical Dragon—the great enemy of art, joy, and love who hypnotizes humanity with spices and lies. 

We have written the first Act of the five-Act story and are raising money to help pay our artist, the magnificent Portuguese comic illustrator ZΓ© Nuno Fraga. 

Kilts Khalfan and Rachel Fulton Brown give a sneak peek behind the scenes of the work we have been doing with ZΓ© here: We give more behind-the-scenes details including the reading and research we have been doing into the history and symbolism of our story here:

Intrigued? Lay your bets and back today!

Dragon Cards available exclusively to loyal Dog Tier backers and above!


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