Draco Alchemicus: Press Kit

Enter the Myth. 
Drink the Spice. 
Arm yourself for the battle to come.

Where the attention flows, power goes.

An electric faërie tale

Act I: The Casino
Act II: The Court
Act III: The Market
Act IV: The Carnival
Act V: The Wedding

Authors: Rachel Fulton Brown, Kilts Khalfan, Kimberly Crilly, Mel Wiggin, Ken Ramsey

Illustrator: Zé Nuno Fraga


Trailer: https://youtu.be/RV8xS2xZoB0

Website: dragoncommonroom.com

Email: books@dragoncommonroom.com

Why Stories

Kilts Khalfan, “Storytime is the Art War,” gab news, May 24, 2023

“The alchemical desire of mankind for healing was amplified as the entire internet became a maelstrom of medical debate. And yet we found our healing in our story time, where Art became our focus. Art was our immunity to the fear. It was also the way for us to craft our own narrative within the chaos of lockdowns. And as we created this narrative, we began to understand the power of telling stories that orientated our focus away from fear and towards the only Serpent who cures all: the Brazen Serpent of Numbers 21:4-9....

“Storytime is the real cult of any people as the attention of children is the life or death of any culture and civilization. Identity is forged in fable: stories tell us who we are and who we desire to become. Storytime for the ancient Greeks was an ArtWar against barbaric oblivion. As Christ said, “life and death are in the tongue”. Our civilization is so uncultivated that Aeneas fleeing the flaming ruins of Troy would look at it in greater horror. We need a poetic resurrection in the West.”

Why poetry

The Dark Herald, “The Need for Poetry Like Draco Alchemicus,” Arkhaven Comics, May 24, 2023

“Poetry is pure creation, which is why The Enemy hates it.  
“‘The Shadow that bred them can only mock, it cannot make: not real things of its own. I don’t think it gave life to the orcs, it only ruined them and twisted them.’—Tolkien 
“They redefine words to make them liars. ‘Deconstruction,’ ‘Decolonization,’ ‘Through the Lens of Critical Theory.’ The real definition of Critical now means to Destroy. What happened to poetry first is also what happened to dance, then music, then art, and yes even the humble comic book.  The Enemy cannot create it can only commandeer mock and ruin. 
“Yet for all of those wasted efforts, Truth and Beauty still find their way into the world.”

Why comics

Rachel Fulton Brown, “Bear’s Theory of Comics,” Fencing Bear at Prayer, June 11, 2009

“Comics are neither novels with pictures nor pictures with captions, but something wholly other, a hybrid of text and image with which it is possible to tell stories that can be seen as well as ‘heard.’ Theorists have found them so difficult to describe because they (the theorists) are habituated to think in terms only of text (literary critics) or image (art historians). In this respect, comics are analogues of God, more particularly, of the Second Person of the Trinity, who, while by nature divine (the Word), became incarnate, taking on not only flesh, but also (as per the Nicene Creed) our nature as human beings.”

Behind the Scenes: The Mosaic Ark

The Ark gets ready to launch the Dragon Common Room Kickstarter by taking inspiration from Edmund Spenser’s own fund-raising efforts in the Elizabethan court. The professor explains how training in English Iambic Pentameter is so important and why learning to scan is a top priority for speakers of the magical tongue of England. Can you scan? — Streamed May 3, 2023

41 Behind the Scenes

The Ark prepares to launch the Dragon Common Room Kickstarter for the upcoming work DRACO ALCHEMICUS. Walking you through the new DCR website, the Professor and her pigeon describe their vision of the Electric Mosaic: DCR's multimedia resurrection of an integrated Medieval sub-creation culture, where the archaic becomes new in our own space and time through Art. You wanna learn to scan? Join the stream! —Streamed May 10, 2023

What if we told you that “Star Wars” is the basis of Western Civilization? The Professor explains the origin story of DRACO ALCHEMICUS, as the Pigeon weaves in and out of various themes getting lost in fairyland. How did George Lucas come up with the idea for an intergalactic war of empires? Could it be that Edmund Spenser was the muse for our civilization all along? —Streamed May 24, 2023


  • Launched May 21, 2023. Closing June 20, 2023 at 8:02 CDT.
  • Goals reached as of May 25, 2023:



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