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I really cannot believe that I have people reading my Telegram channel who don’t get what Ye just did [in his interview on Thursday], so let me pretend it is possible to break a rhetorical effect down dialectically so that you can feel smart again. I doubt it will work—I tried for years on my blog to describe why Milo did the performances he did, and I STILL have colleagues in academia convinced that a) Milo is nuts, and b) I am nuts for defending him—but, as my mother always loved saying, I am Missouri-born and therefore stubborn as a mule, so take this as DONKEY WISDOM about Ye. 

What is the greatest taboo in our culture? Is it saying, “I love Satan”? Is it saying, “I love Judas, I would have kept the 30 pieces of silver”? Is it saying, “The Trinity is a nonsense doctrine invented by Rome/Saul-the-Fake-Apostle/paganism”? Is it saying, “Jesus was a fraud who is now in hell burning in excrement and I would kill him again”? NO. The greatest taboo in our culture is CHALLENGING THE HISTORICAL NARRATIVE ON WHICH THE POWER OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE WAS FOUNDED. 

Empires rely on casting an image of inevitability (“Manifest Destiny”) and ideological legitimacy (“Pax Americana”). Empires also rely on their subjects believing that a) they have no choice but to pay taxes, and b) they will be crushed militarily if they try to leave. Everyone alive on earth right now has spent the greater part of their lives under the sway of the American Empire, whether as immediate subjects or in opposition to it. Americans don’t see this. Americans see ourselves as the Good Guys. Americans are shocked—SHOCKED—to learn that other people in the world do not look to us as the Model of Democracy by Which All Good Peoples Should Live. 

I learned this lesson abruptly back in 1987, when I was a naive 22-year-old on an archeaological dig in Italy with a British digging team, and there were hired workers on the team who were British Socialists and HATED America. I had spent my entire childhood proud to be an American (sing it), but when the socialist challenged me to name something good America had done, all I could blurt out was (I kid you not), “McDonald’s.” (He had been talking about Chile and CIA backed revolutions, what did I know?!) When I reported back to my family at Christmas how much people in Europe disliked America, I was told I was crazy. That same autumn, the Iran-Contra scandal broke (how many of you remember that?!), and I learned even more about how much my fellow students at Cambridge distrusted the American Empire—for good reason. 

Fast forward to post-9/11 and WMD and I was sending money to MoveOn.org to help fight Mr. Bush’s Imperial War. If you remember anything of the past 75+ years of world history, the one thing you should remember is how the American Empire exerts itself against anyone who tries to resist its “mission”. Think Saddam Hussein (funded in his war against Iran, only to become a Novus Hitler when the USA decided it wanted a war in the Middle East). Think Muammar Gaddafi (sometime praised, then vilified; again, declared a Novus Hitler to be executed by the USA). Think Vladimir Putin (our current Novus Hitler, except he is fighting actual Nazis in the Ukraine, whom we are sending money, for the moment, anyway). 

Everyone loves quoting 1984, but somehow nobody ever puts two-and-two together and realizes who our Emmanuel Goldstein really is. (What a name, eh? “God-with-us Goldstone”?!) YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO THINK OF HITLER AS A HUMAN BEING. He must be the WORST ENEMY THE UNITED STATES HAS EVER FACED IN WAR. Worse than Joseph Stalin. Worse than Chairman Mao. Worse than Emperor Hirohito. 

This is why we are not allowed to say anything other than “I hate Hitler.” Because the legitimacy of our warmachine depends on being the Good Guys who killed the Monster.

Now consider what Ye is fighting. He is fighting the PROPAGANDA MINISTRY of the American Empire. The Ministry that has spent the past 75+ years making art (coughTriumphoftheWillcough) about how We Are the Good Guys. But that Propaganda Ministry, as Ye and others have been trying to tell us, is grounded on SEXUAL EXPLOITATION OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN. And always has been. Look up Shirley Temple or Judy Garland or Marilyn Monroe. This is the same ministry that has spent the past 75+ years making movies about Nazis as the Bad Guys. 

Are we allowed to call out the abuse? Are we allowed to recognize how the United States has projected its power through the same kind of propaganda that the Nazis used? Art, architecture, movies. Have you watched The Triumph of the Will and compared the images from the Nuremberg Rally with ANY POLITICAL RALLY YOU HAVE EVER ATTENDED? Ye was saying he likes Hitler. Do you like political rallies with speeches and stage settings and the triumph of the Will of the People? Ye is at least honest about the effect that Hitler had on the aesthetics of the 20th century. 

Is Ye being silenced now (de-Tweeted) because he said he likes Hitler? Or is it because he is calling out the Propaganda Ministers for their trauma economy, and they need us not to see what he has shown us about how the Ministry works?

—Originally posted on my Telegram channel, December 4, 2022 (part one; part two)

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  1. Rachel, when this subject appears in print, I naturally think of you....Medieval I mean.




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