On Christian Storytelling as a Shield Against Despair in Quest of the Light

We have all felt the effects these past two years of not having access to our usual (older; now lost?) communities. “Two weeks to flatten the curve” turned into month after month of uncertainty, not being able to engage with each other in person. Conferences were cancelled, classes were thrown into Zoom rooms, and church services were streamed into our smart phones. It has been easy to fall into despair.

What use could literature, particularly poetry, be in such a time, when what we want is a shield from the plague? Surely we would have been better off spending our time in lockdown learning how to fight viruses and boost our immune system. Writing poetry is better left to times when we can relax and contemplate, not when we are in the thick of battle against economic collapse (Famine), political dysfunction (War), and disease (Plague).

You see where I am going already, I am sure. 

Intrigued?! Join me and the children of St. John Cantius for an hour of story telling in the Christian tradition. “We sing a tale of bears who sought a gem...”

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  1. Rachel, a tad off subject I know but here is something new, at least to me. I thought of you when I read some of the offerings.



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