Unauthorized Study Guide

Classes starting soon! I am sure you all want to get started on some reading, right?! No worries, the Unauthorized Professor has put together a study guide with a few links... 

For my continuing adventures as a conservative in academia, see MedievalGate. Just wait ‘til my colleagues get a load of this course!


  1. Brilliant work! Thank you Prof. Rachel/Prof. Fencing Bear.

    Very excited about the course.


  2. For a decade or more now I have wondered what was the name of a children's novel set in medieval times and had such fascinating details on the wool and cloth trade. Now I know. The Wool Pack! Thank you for including it in your reading list. My frustrated wonderings are satisfied.

    I also enjoyed the Cadfael books (and the TV series). Another enjoyable medieval whodunnit series has a nun as detective. The Dame Frevisse series by Margaret Frazer


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