One day...

I will never get angry at myself or my loved ones again.

I will never eat more than I need to satisfy my hunger.

I will practice simply in order to practice, not in order to win.

I will focus only on the good things in my life, not dwell on the things that I wish I could change.

I will pay as much attention to the people I love as to the novel I'm reading.

I will not be bothered by mess.

I will send properly handwritten thank-you cards for presents and dinner invitations.

I will visit my family more often.

I will smile at people on the street even when I'm not feeling particularly extroverted.

I will not feel jealous of colleagues who have published more than I have or who have been promoted ahead of me.

I will do my yoga every morning, not just weekdays.

I will stop worrying about the way I look.

I will become more active in my community.

I will stop wishing I had more money.

I will not panic when I have something that I want to write.

I will accept criticism gracefully.

I will never get upset when I lose.

I will show no emotion but love.

I will learn how to pray.

I will be perfect.

Meanwhile, it's Lent. Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison, Kyrie eleison.


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