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I spent all day yesterday conscious of the fact that it was the feast of the Annunciation and I hadn't posted anything to my new blog. Now it's nearly time to go to the tournament venue to warm up for Vet Women's Foil and I haven't written anything about my pre-tournament jitters. Yesterday I had the sort of excuse of traveling, although that isn't really much of an excuse as you all know I travel with my laptop and could easily have written something while I was waiting for my plane. But somehow my thoughts simply couldn't settle onto one theme, even as I knew that the only thing that was really worth writing about yesterday was the miracle of the Incarnation and the wonder of Mary's role in the redemption of humankind. Instead, I spent the flight reading in Dinesh D'Souza's What's So Great About Christianity (2007). I thought about reposting my thoughts from last year on the Annunciation, but that didn't seem quite right. And then I got here to the hotel in Dallas and what with one thing and another, again, I simply couldn't settle down.

I suppose I could make another list of all of the things that I've been doing these past few days: my husband came back from Mexico City on Wednesday, the contractors have started laying the tile in the kitchen, the puppy and I took a walk to campus and back. But that's not really a thought, just a record. Now I'm sitting here in yet another hotel room looking out over downtown and wondering how today is going to go and whether I actually care. I'm here with my good friends Badger and Sweet Warrior and all of the others Ladies Who Fence. I'm not sure it really makes any difference to me anymore who wins. I still get to be here, have dinner last night surrounded by elephants, share stories and laughter. So what if I lose? I probably will. I haven't been practicing hard enough these past couple of months, maybe actually ever. My foot still hurts despite wrapping it for every practice since January. And I've been sick.

Now it's time to go and I still haven't thought of anything much to say. It's interesting, because it really has been a busy past couple of weeks.


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