Poem in lieu of a post

Here I am, raw.  Voiceless.  Naked before the world.
And yet, not voiceless, but ever so practiced in making meaning with words.
You listen, but you do not hear me.  I hear, but I do not listen.
Look!  The world is born anew, I can see it now.
But I am afraid, ever so afraid.  That you will judge me.
That I will misjudge you.

I have been locked away inside of myself for so long,
I'm not sure I can hear clearly anymore.  That look, I know what it means.
And yet, I don't.  I can't tell whether you like me or not.
Perhaps you do, and it is I, not you, creating the barrier
between us.  But I am afraid, because you have judged me before, I know.
Or maybe I don't.  Did you say what I thought you said?  Did I listen?


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