Scala academica scriptorum

PRESTIGE decreases....

1. Monograph published by academic publisher
2. Article published in peer-reviewed journal
3. Monograph published by commercial press
4. Article published in edited volume
5. Chapter in co-written work
6. Edited volume as editor
7. Edition of primary source (with introduction and commentary)
8. Translation of primary source (with introduction and commentary)
9. Book review in mainstream literary press
10. Book review in scholarly journal
11. Fiction
12. Coursebook or collection of primary sources
13. Textbook
14. Journalism
15. Non-fiction
16. Catalogue
17. Bibliography
18. Dictionary
19 Encyclopedia entry
20. On-line lists, syllabi, and other aides
21. Wikipedia entry
22. Blog UTILITY increases.*

*Or maybe I'm just feeling snarky.


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