Bad Reasons to Hold Onto Something That You Don't Really Want

1.  It might be useful one day (but isn't now).

2.  It might be worth money (but isn't worth the trouble of putting on eBay).

3.  It has memories associated with it (but you keep it in a box and never look at it).

4.  It is paid for (but you've never used it).


  1. Oh, and there is a 5th deadly one concerning clothing:

    5) These will fit again once I have lost 3 sizes!

    Let us be honest: keeping such clothes make us feel bad about ourselves. My rule is (however much I try to stick to it), if I have not worn it withing the past two years, then it can leave my closet. And if by some miracle, one fine day, I lose those 3 sizes, the joy of buying new clothes will be infinitely superior to trying to fit back into my younger (and no longer fashionable or to my current taste) self!

  2. Oh, yes, I get caught by this one, too! The problem is, I usually do want those clothes, unlike the other things I was thinking about. But you are right, what I really want is to be thinner, which the clothes can't make me all by themselves.


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