Lady Poverty

Still on the decluttering jag.  Highly recommended.  Best cure ever for thinking that you don't have enough stuff.  Started with the five-foot shelf of books, have moved onto the linens, yoga props I never use, odd ornaments that don't fit with our decor, VHS tapes (yup, we still have some of those, just no player), games my son has outgrown, models nobody will ever make.  Have plans to cull my clothes next weekend, but first there is the hallway's worth of stuff to take to the Cathedral Shelter today.  Cannot describe how liberating it is to be free of so much stuff that I and my family neither want nor need.  Better than going shopping.  Better than having a house.  Case in point: I've played the piano not once, but several times this week, and I started knitting a scarf with the kit that I bought at Christmas.

Starting to think that maybe St. Francis was onto something.  Just maybe.


  1. I entirely agree on the benefits of decluttering. Since I'm about to move nearly 1000 miles, I've decided I'd far rather donate lots of stuff than pack it, pay for having it hauled, and then unpack it again. I'm even giving away books, and I find that almost impossible!


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