On Being Supportive

You know what I really hate? Being told, "You need to be supportive of so-and-so," when So-and-so has never been there for me, not once, not once in my whole entire life. Somehow, So-and-so's problems are always bigger, more important, more desperate than mine; somehow, if I am going through a big crisis or have had something good in my life happen that merits celebration, So-and-so's life is always more complicated, always more in need of my support or congratulations than my life is of theirs.

You know what I hate even more? Being asked for advice and then told, "That's not what I wanted to hear, stop giving me advice." Oh, well, sorry. I was trying to be, you know, supportive.


  1. See?! I keep telling Bear life is simple. Just bite people. Then they stop asking. Ankles are good targets. Noses work too. --Badger

  2. Aiming for the right targets--that's the trick!


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