How to Begin, Step One: Finish Something

My first knitting project since the year my son was born, finished last night while watching vintage episodes of Miami Vice.*  Okay, so it's a scarf, the needles are huge, and I haven't blocked it yet.  But it's off the needles and that's something, particularly given that I started it over a year ago.  (And, no, it didn't take me that long to make; I knitted most of it in the past week or so.)

*Which, given that I did not have a television for most of the 1980s, were entirely new to me.  To think that they were considered gritty in their day!  Television has definitely changed since.**

**Mostly for the better, but it's fun seeing so many greats (Bruce Willis, Ed O'Neill, Edward James Olmos) early in their careers, before anybody had actually learned to act.


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