Vote Mitt

There, I said it.  Let the ridicule (alarm, horror) begin.


  1. I'm curious if you are still pro-Mitt in light of his now infamous remarks on the 47%?

    1. Ah, well. The problem is that I very much do not want to vote for my neighbor anymore. I am disappointed in the way Mitt has been handling things during the campaign, but I no longer have any hope (faith, trust) in his opponent.

  2. I can certainly see why one would be disillusioned with Obama. What I can't see is how Romney is better. It seems like a choice between "not great" and "worse still"--in which case, I'm inclined to choose "not great."

    1. Me, too. We just disagree on which is "not great"! Actually, I think Ryan is probably better, but that is a longer conversation and I am still at the learning stage on much of this.


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