Back to the Future

I'm going to give the last word on this topic to the same newspaper that ran this article about me and my colleagues some years ago (yes, just after I had gotten tenure; I'm sorry I ever mentioned it in my interview with their reporter. It had nothing to do with the story). They have this to say about Senator Obama. I think this shows that even the most conservative of us can change. Thanks Chicago Tribune!

Oh, and thanks, Sean, for the tip on looking in the Wall Street Journal. I found the link to the Trib's Obama endorsement there. I would never have seen it otherwise; after what they said about me, I have, unlike Obama, refused to acknowledge that they exist. He's a bit better about building consensus than I am, even, you will note in what the Trib says about his economic policies, with the economists in the Chicago School which, we should never forget, "puts faith in markets."

No more electioneering from me. There are books of Hours out there yet to be read and my stomach still hurts.


  1. "thanks, Sean, for the tip on looking in the Wall Street Journal"

    You're welcome.
    But note that I specified the EDITORIALS in the Wall Street Journal. They lean conservative; the rest of the paper not so much.

    Remember: Read the editorials for one month. As I work my way through Augustine's "City of God."
    A fair trade. :)

  2. Thanks for letting me post comments on your blog. Take care and good luck with your studies and your fencing.


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