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Please leave any questions about fencing and prayer that you would like Fencing Bear to try to answer in the comments to this post. Answers will appear as blog posts under the label "QandA."

Much as I hate to admit it, I have now been studying both fencing and prayer for a fair number of years, over six in the case of fencing, more than two decades in the case of the history of Christian devotion and prayer. I am by no means an expert in the practice of either, but one of the hopes that I had in starting this blog was that others might find it valuable to hear about learning to fence and to pray from the perspective of a still struggling beginner. As a teacher, I am also aware of how much I depend on my students to help me in my own learning process. While I cannot promise to answer every question that you might have about fencing or prayer, I am eager to learn what questions you do have and to do my best to offer what advice I can.


  1. Praying aloud or in silence. I feel like I'm talking to myself when I attempt to pray aloud. I suppose that would differentiate myself from those of FAITH and casual believers.

  2. Hello,
    I have recently begun to pray some popular devotional prayers and overall my experience has been positive. As a recent Catholic convert it seems that personal devotional prayer was an unfortunate casualty of Vatican II. Do you think devotional prayer is an important aspect of the Christian faith and what do you think might be done to renew people's interest in it?

    Luke Schleif

  3. Hi.
    My name is Leigh and I am an Epee Fencer as well as someone who has delved deeply into prayer. In fencing I only have my E09, having fenced only a year and 1/2. And being just now 40 I am excited to finally get in some Vets events. My husband and I live in Kansas. God-wise I am part of the International House of Prayer in KC...basically Protestant Monks :) and I have my M.A. in New Testament and Mysticism. Anyway. Your blog reminds me ALOT of the things I have thought/experienced/cried through and of my blog: http://playingwithswords.blogspot.com/ Thank you so much. Glad to know I am not alone!!

  4. Hi- I'm not sure if I'm posting at the right place- if not sorry :)
    I'm just starting fencing, and very nervous for the most ridiculous reason... I heard that if you fence for a long time, one of your thighs can get pretty thick. Also, is it ok if I fence right and left? I'm pretty OCD, I must have right with my left. Thank you so much!


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