Incense for the Emperor

It was just a small thing, the least of things, a thing hardly to be noticed.

Not to be marked as an enemy of the empire, all one had to do was throw a bit of incense on the brazier set before the statue of the emperor. What could be easier than to offer a bit of scented smoke and a dribble of wine to prove one’s loyalty to the ruler of the world? Especially when to refuse meant death.

The temptation must have been overwhelming—all it would cost was your immortal soul.

What it looks like to be up against the world. 
All he had to do was take off his hat. 
Was that so much to ask?


  1. But, but, but...... a MAGA hat means you're a racist, anti-woman, anti-people, non-person.....

    1. I have it on good authority that when a white person puts on a MAGA hat, their soul is immediately ripped from their bodies and dragged to the tenth level of Hell, and their bodies are inhabited by super-racist demons.

  2. And today (January 27, 2019) the NPR news program, All Things Considered, ran a piece about how many people find the MAGA caps (they are caps and not hats!), racists, anti-women, anti-immigrant (both legal and illegal) all because of the Charlottesville incident. Some have compared the cap to the Confederate battle flag.
    It makes no sense at all. I do not recall a bunch of MAGA cap wearing thugs charging into a women's march, a Black Lives Matter demonstration, or raiding the local bionicos store.
    It all comes down to the Left wanting it's pinch of incense, as you wrote, as well as the tug of the fore-lock, and the doffing of the cap to show allegiance to their "justice" and "goodness" and "rightness." Those who don't conform will be metaphorically crushed for things as minor as "facecrime."
    The ancient Romans thought the Goths as barbarians. The Goths thought the Romans immoral. We are Goths.


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