My YouTube Channel

A little light went on in my head last night, and I realized I could make playlists of the videos in which I have appeared on YouTube!

Here is my channel: Fencing Bear at Prayer.

See Bear on Air for videos in which I have appeared as a guest.

See Three Kraters Symposium (My episodes) for videos in which I appear with my fellow Deplorables and our guests.

For a complete list of my appearances on YouTube, podcasts, and radio shows, go here.


  1. Feel free to mirror our talk on your channel if you'd like. Just include a link back to my own. I'll have to check back in a couple of months to see if you can join us again.

  2. I found you initially through the Three Kraters Symposium podcast and through your comments on Vox's Darkstream. Thanks for compiling all your appearances, I can't wait to watch some of them!


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