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The Old Silk Road vs. the Empires of the Sea 

The Old Silk Road


The New Silk Road vs. the Empires of the Sea


  1. Something to think about, who are the sea and earth beasts referred in Revelation?

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    1. I am still mulling, but it looks to me like there are deep structures at play, don't you think?

    2. Yes. My husb pointed out to me that it is interesting on the old maps both routes were not going through the Byzantine Empire as it then existed. There are similar dynamics going on now both with oil pipeline fights and the Belt and Road initiative

    3. I have tried repeatedly to reply and Blogger keeps throwing me out
      My husb pointed out that these maps indicate that at these times the Silk Route was not going through the Byzantine Empire
      It seems that today a similar conflict is going on over pipeline routes and the route of the Belt and Road initiative, with the descendants of the Ottomans at front and center in terms of very aggressive activity in this respect

  3. My spouse is a prof of network economics/industries -- he found this very interesting, thank you


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