Post-Game Analysis

I didn't qualify for Div II/Div III Summer Nationals. After seeding 2nd out of 15 after the pools, I lost my second D-E to make top 4. By two points. Enough said. You know how I feel already.

Here are the results of the quizzes I've just done on Facebook:

Which Peanuts character are you? Charlie Brown: "You might be a big blockhead, but you're the best friend someone could ever have." I thought for sure I'd be Lucy. Some mistake, surely.

What is your greatest fear? Death: "The fun things in life are too risky to try is your motto. You constantly worry about death and you refuse to attend a funeral [true, I didn't go to my grandfather's ten years ago]. You only watch comedy movies as a sad ending sends you into deep depression [again, true; Salvador still haunts me]. As a child, the death of your pet caused you to miss school for weeks [I'll tell you sometime about when my first guinea pig died]. You never take risks or go anywhere that could potentially be dangerous [like outside in my neighborhood after dark]. You have your coffin picked out but you never visit a graveyard [um..., no]. You stay at home rather than go out. You have never driven over the speed limit [compared to most of the people on the freeway today, even in the construction zones, true]. You aren't sure what happens after death, you just are sure you don't want to go there!"

What children's book are you? The Spider and the Fly by Mary Howitt: "You are deep and introspective and long for the purpose of life [the latter is certainly true; I suppose the former is, too]. You are a brilliant thinker [aw!] and are generally smarter than the average person [I wish I felt it]. You see things in black and white [my favorite colors to wear, certainly; they go better with my silver hair] and have a thirst for truth [true]. Due to your deep thinking you may find it difficult to trust people [probably true]." I need to read this book!

How will you face the zombie apocalypse? Able to survive the apocalypse, only to die in a mad quest to reach a place of safety: "You survive and find a place to survive. When the food runs low, you concoct a crazy plan involving some converted parking jitneys, a sailboat, and a deserted island. Maybe you die in the escape, maybe you run out of water on the open sea, maybe you get eaten when you find out that zombies can walk long distances underwater and your 'safe island' is teeming with the undead. Whichever way it happens, you don't make it." Kinda like I feel this evening after today's qualifiers. I wish I were a zombie and could eat people.

Which grade/subject should you teach? The Quirky Middle- or High-School History Teacher: "You should be proud to get this result! These teachers can make a tremendous impact, teaching about the history that shaped our country as well as other countries [okay, I don't do nationalism but I do believe history shapes our present in ways we often do not appreciate fully]. Re-enactments, anyone? [With costumes!] Game shows, perhaps? [Ask my Tolkien students about The Ring Game!] You can go on exciting field trips to battlefields, historical landmarks, and even bring your students to places like Washington, D.C. [are we only doing American history here? Let's go to Chartres]. If you've ever seen the movie School of Life [no], you can strive to be the hands-on kind of teacher this teacher was [can I do this even if I haven't seen the movie?]. Have a blast bringing history to life with anecdotes and vibrant discussions [will do]."

What Marvel superhero are you? Storm: "You're quiet, reserved, and have an unmistakable air of authority, but still damn sexy [Cool!]. You can control the weather, and when you can do that, you never really have a bad day! [Sounds good to me]. Your fear of enclosed spaces is your biggest weakness, so it's a good thing you can always choose flight over the elevator! [I wish; the elevator to my office is broken at least once a month. I need to look into these superpowers more]."

Which of your Chakras is most open? Crown: "The Crown Chakra represents wisdom, and feeling at one with the world. You are mindful of the enviroment, and in touch with your spirituality. You're wise, and at times offer valuable advice to those around you. Be careful of intellectualizing things and ignoring your body's needs in favor of [your] spiritual needs." This will explain why I lost today: I'm still thinking too hard, overintellectualizing everything. My greatest strength is my greatest weakness. If only I could figure out what my greatest weakness is; it must be my greatest strength, right?

Which is your dream house? Trendy-Traditional [who knew there was such a category?]: "You have a sense of style and flair for decorating that is reflected in your classic taste. You are a sucker for historical romances and want to feel like a princess in your castle." The picture with this one really says it all: English stately home. Too bad I haven't figured out how to write that best-seller yet.

What hair color should you have? Brunette [I doubt silver-gray was an option; I used to be brunette though]: "You are kind and beautiful, and you are calm and collected in a crisis [I suppose fencing bouts don't count as crises]. You are serious about school/your job, and you are quite intelligent. Everyone loves you and your personality [even when I snarl because I am so mad at myself for losing? These tests make me sound like a much nicer person than I feel.]

Which secret society should you belong to? Opus Dei [they mean the work that the monks and nuns do, right?]: "Opus Dei is for you! This organization of the Catholic Church believes that ordinary life can be a path to sanctity. Celibacy and periodic flagellation are the keys to the kingdom [where's my whip? Although I'm not sure it's wise to flagellate yourself in anger....] The order was founded in Spain in 1928 by Roman Catholic priest Josemaria Escriva with the approval of Pope Pius XII." Will they help me stop being so mad at myself?

I'm not sure I've taken enough quizzes yet. I can still remember what I was doing today. And my head hurts. A lot.


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