Cost of Living

Things $1000 (or thereabouts) will buy:

1. A 32" Sony Flat Panel TV (with laptop hook-up for watching DVDs) plus an iPod dock

2. Surgery for your dying cat

3. One quarter (10 weeks) of After School Study Hall for one 7th grader

4. A New Edition LOTR cloak (New Zealand dollars)

5. Athletic club membership fee for 4.3 months (including yoga classes and fencing lessons)

6. Roundtrip flight from Chicago to London in August (if purchased now on

7. Food for a family of three for a month (shopping at Whole Foods)

8. Custom designed jeweled navel ring


  1. You don't have time to use #1, #2 is a past issue, #3 he's too bright already--what, you want to make him cocky? #4 I can sew you one just as nice for half the cost #5 you are going to pay for anyway #6 will leave you feeling guilty about your carbon footprint and #7, think macaroni and cheeeeese.

    Conclusion--go for the navel ring.

  2. #1 is already purchased and much enjoyed (think "Battlestar Galactica" and "Mad Men" on DVD). #3 is necessary so that I can do my own work. Could you really sew me #4? Ooooo! Footprints are a tricky one since #6 would be good for both family and work, but don't know if it will be possible this year. Good food is worth #7 (I don't cook meat, so what we mainly eat is rice & veg). I'm not sure I can really justify #8 (which as you guess, is what this exercise was about), but sometimes one simply has to surrender to beauty. I'm getting a preview of the design on Monday!


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