I Shall Wear Midnight

I am a witch. Not a doctor. Not a wizard. But a witch. The witch.

I am the hare who runs into the fire.

I am the one whose brown hair turns white before she is forty.

I am the one who loves wisdom.

I am the one who says what needs to be said because if I don't say it, no one else will.

I am paid for my work in old clothes and more work.

I may not have any natural talent for being a witch, but I am one anyway because I have chosen to be.

I have journeyed far.

I have trusted my fear. And my pride.

I have come home.

I walk with joy.

I am surrounded by love.

I have come home.

Yesterday, I took a first step.

Today, I took another first step.

Tomorrow, I will take a third.

I have my steading, and I will take responsibility for it knowing that much of the work will not be particularly glamorous but that, nevertheless, it is the work that must be done.

When I am old, I shall wear midnight. Starting now.

With thanks, once again, to Mr. Pratchett, for teaching me how to be myself.


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