Bear Gets A New Name

Here I am at the tournament this past weekend in Cincinnati getting my lame tested. Note the new name on my knicker leg: I didn't have this printed in time for my pools on Saturday and had to have it in tape so as not to lose points with red cards. Luckily (or unluckily), my director didn't notice this until I had only two bouts left, so I only had to fence one bout with my leg all tapey. Now I have it properly printed: BROWN. I have lots of thoughts about this which I may share with you one day. At the moment, I'm a little behind in my class prep, what with spending all weekend partying, ahem, that is, fencing really hard with the Vets. I also need to take some time to think about how my fencing has been changing these past several months. I am definitely stronger, even if my results (alas!) don't yet consistently show it. But you should have seen the counterparry-riposte I got in my second DE in Vets against our reigning champion (she was 2nd in the World Veteran competition just this past month). It was gorgeous!


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