Diet for a New Apartment

A.k.a. decluttering, tithing, minimalizing.

To donate
  • Clothes that don't fit.
  • Clothes that I haven't worn in over three years.  (Not to mention in over twenty.)  
  • Clothes that make me itch.  (And, which, therefore, I haven't worn, sometimes ever.)
  • Shoes that make my feet hurt.
  • Toys that nobody (including the dog) is playing with.
  • Ornaments that don't go with our decor.
  • Books that it makes me queasy to think that I might have to reread.  Or read, even once.
  • Book tapes that nobody is going to listen to again.  (Yes, tapes.  As in cassette.)
  • Bags that we don't need because we have so many others.
  • Excess linens (four big black bags of these not in photo, already donated last month; more found in the current clear-out).
To throw out (not in photo)
  • Clothes and shoes that are stained, torn, worn out.  Plus underwear that doesn't fit.
  • Broken foils, torn lames (particularly ones that were my son's).
  • Old laptops.  (I mean really old.  So old they won't run any current operating systems.)
  • The printout of my dissertation.  (Really.  I found it at the bottom of a closet today.  As if I will ever need to make a copy of it again.)
And that is just what I sorted through today.  From two closets, plus my wardrobe and a few incidental bookshelves.


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