Birthday Dog

Joy, age 2 
b. November 8, 2009


  1. Dear Fencing Bear,

    I read this post yesterday, and the result was that I dreamed about the Baby Dragon last night :)
    I was walking her on the street and in the park, but she was pulling so hard on her leash I had a hard time holding it. I do not know if there is any Freudian material in there!

  2. Oh, definitely! The Baby Dragon is also having to practice sitting with strong emotion, in her case, the desire to chase after every rabbit and squirrel that she sees in the park. I am working on teaching her not to "bate" even as I practice taming my own falcon-heart.

  3. Happy Birthday Joy, your brother Chance. PS: Looking Good

  4. Hi, Chance! Happy Birthday to you, too! I got an Angry Birds Pig. What did you get?

    --Dragon Baby, a.k.a. Joy

  5. Hi Dragon Baby, I got a new Bully Stick chew that I devoured immediately!


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