A Little Post about Feelings

When I was little, you used to tease me when I got frustrated and/or upset about something that I was trying to do.

Perhaps you thought it would make me stop crying if you embarrassed me enough, but in fact all it did was teach me that it was wrong to feel threatened or scared at the thought of trying something new.

If only you could have sat down with me and shown me how to break down the new thing into its parts.

Then it might not have been so scary.

Then I might not have been so afraid.

Then I might have believed that it was possible for me to learn to do something new.

Without all the weeping and wailing.

If only.

Mind you, I'm all grown up now.  So you can tease me all you like.  'Cause I know that the teasing says more about you--and your fears--than it ever did about me.


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