Going Social Redux

Okay, right now I am feeling really ticked off at BlogPress. It keeps dropping my posts into the ether. It is a terrible app, don't buy it. It dropped the last post which I tried to upload because it interrupted the upload to ask for a customer rating. Well, BlogPress, you suck. Except I am still using you right now because trying to write directly into Blogger on my iPad is even harder. I suppose if you want (and, as a crappy, hyper-finicky app, can tell when people are complaining about you), you can just make this post vanish rather than posting.

But I hope that you don't. I hope that you let me share my thoughts about what it is like trying to pitch your work to editors and how scary that is. How fake it feels to be talking about books that you have thought about writing, when you know very well that ideas are a dime a dozen and why should any editor believe that what you are describing has any hope in heaven or hell of seeing the light of day as an actual manuscript. Because writing books is hard work, no matter what Prof. Boice says, and trying to get one off the ground even in brief, daily sessions is still the most terrifying way that I can think of spending my day. But I am going to try. I talked with two editors this morning (as per Prof. Boice's advice) about two different projects that I have in mind: one, my book on the Office of the Virgin Mary; the other, a commentary on the Song of Songs. I even bought another app a few days ago to help me start working on that one.

So we'll see....

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